Williamson, Air Ministry (Aerial) G45 Gun Camera


One of the most frequently used Gun cameras of WW II is the Williamson, Air Ministry (AM emblem, only used during the war) G45. These cameras could be placed in the wings of a Spitfier, Hurricane or Typhoon.
It comes in different models (long lens, short lens) and voltages (12V, begin of WWII and 24V, end of WWII and depending of plane.)

This camera was placed in the wings, sometimes replacing a machine gun. The camera was activated by the pilot by pulling the trigger of the firing-system or manually by switching it on.

The camera had different purposes. The footage was not only used as training video or recon video, but also the ACES flew around with these cameras and there the footage is used as prove of confirmed kills.

From the Imperial War Museum in london: "The G45 gun camera was used throughout WWII by British fighter units and armament schools from 1939 onwards (including by the RNZAF). It was designed and manufactured by the Williamson company of London and Reading and was developed from the G42B. It used 16 mm orthochromatic film supplied in 25 ft lengths with a frame speed of 16, 18 or 20 per second, these corresponding to the rates of fire of the Lewis, Vickers K and Browning machine guns. The G45 was fitted as standard on Fighter Command aircraft (Spitfire and Hurricanes). It was controlled by an electrical switch operated by the gun-firing pneumatic system. Post-war, the type continued to be used on RAF fighter aircraft ."

More information:

Advertisements of Williamson camera's
G45 Gun cameraG45 gun camera
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Video (on 1:01 you see a camera mounted in the wing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv8rFPLN_Fg

Technical details:

Company Williamson Manufacturing Co Ltd
Model G-45
14A/1389, 14A/1390, ... gun camera
Serial No.
64514, 40363, ...
12V and 24V
Filmformat 16 mm, 25 ft length.
Negative 16mm orthochromatic film
Shutter speed 16, 18 or 20 FPS, depending on the Gun
Lens short lens 14A/1398*, extension lens 14A/3362
Serial No. M62526, M14331, ...
Focus lenght unknown
Focus No
Light Meter No
Rangefinder No.
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