Williamson F24 - Aerial mounting camera type 21, 25 or 35

This camera was mainly used by the RAF for air reconnaissance at WW II.
On the pictures you will see a "Hand-held" version with a "Gun-Like Trigger" (gray one).
And a build-in version (black one). The body's were all the same. They just have to attach a "Hand Mounting" and a frame sight (corresponding the lens). Changing the Gear Box made it possible to use the camera with the Gun-like Trigger.
The build-in version was used fixed in a Spitfire, LysanderAvro Lancaster etc.
You can find more specific information about the usage in the spitfire here: http://www.historyofwar.org/articles/weapons_spitfire_PR.html

While the hand-held version (according some people I spoke) was present in nearly every bomber, ready to use when the crew saw some enemy buildings, structures or army movements. Or to take a picture of a bombing site.

The "Hand Mounting" was transported (if not in use) in a separate chest with sliding mechanism. There was also space for some frame sights and a spare magazine.

Nice to know: every part has his separate serial number, object number and the "A.M." mark with the crown (Air Ministry)

Of these particular cameras, the mechanic, housing and lenses are in a superb state!
To bad the (plastic) curtain of the grey one is broken due to age.
If somebody had a spare, please contact me!
Also if you know more about the lens on the grey one, indicating Ross. London (and that's it), contact me please!

More info:

Technical details:

F24 - Mounting Camera Type 21 build-in

Company Williamson Manufacturing Co Ltd

Model Type 21 - F24 hand-held
Type 25 or 35 - F24 Build in
14A/720 AM 14A/720 AM
Serial No.
22774 T. 7817
1925-1955 (only during WWII with AM-sign) 1925-1955 (only during WWII with AM-sign)
Manual or 20-24V Only 20-24 V
Filmformat 5" x 110 ft.
5" x 110 ft.
Negative 5" x 5" black and white
5" x 5" black and white
roller blind focal plane shutter
roller blind focal plane shutter
Shutter speed 1/100 till 1/1000 1/100 till 1/1000
Lens Ross. London 8" F2,9
Ross, London 5" (127mm) f4 Wide Angle Xpres
Serial No. 251433
Focus lenght 203 mm
127 mm
Focus Inf.
F. 2,9 F.4,0
Light Meter No No
Rangefinder attached on hand mounting according the lens
attached on hand mounting according the lens
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